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Go2Lithium Featured in Innovation News Network Article

By February 6, 2024No Comments

Go2Lithium has been featured on Innovation News Network’s website and will appear in the Innovation Platform – Issue 17, to be published on 4th March 2024. An except of the website article is available below. The full article can be viewed on Innovation News Network’s website here.

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Go2Lithium is upgrading its lithium extraction methods to help deliver a sustainable future

With an ever-increasing demand for lithium batteries, Go2Lithium is harnessing connections and new extraction technology to help fulfil demands and bring a sustainable future closer than ever.

Go2Lithium Inc. (G2L) is a 50/50 joint venture between two companies with complementary technical skills, Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd (ASX:CNQ) and Computational Geosciences Inc., a subsidiary of Ivanhoe Electric Inc (TSX:IE). Clean TeQ has operated in the metals recovery sector for over 25 years, utilising its proprietary continuous ion exchange technologies. The technology has been proven to deliver superior outcomes that support its use in recovering energy metals. Computational Geosciences is a cutting-edge technology company that harnesses the power of computational methods to advance geoscience, seamlessly integrating computer science, data analytics, and geophysical principles to provide unparalleled solutions for understanding and navigating the complexities of the Earth’s subsurface. This unique multi-disciplinary venture is perfectly designed to aid in discovering and recovering lithium from subsurface brines.

Before the lithium extraction step, the brines must be pre-treated to remove most suspended materials, including particulates and free and emulsified oils. G2L uses continuous direct lithium extraction (cDLE®) to capture the lithium from the brine.

Key successes and overcoming adversity

The updated Preliminary Economic Assessment by Hatch Inc. for the Boardwalk Lithium Brine Project, dated January 2024, shows a significant difference from the initial PEA released in May 2023. The difference was due to the incorporation of newly licensed continuous Direct Lithium Extraction (cDLE®) technology from G2L. The G2L technology has numerous advantages over the direct lithium extraction process applied in the original PEA, including:

  • Increased lithium recovery by 98% using the G2L’s cDLE® technology;
    A significant reduction of 34% in operational expenditures to $4,588 per tonne LHM;
  • Reduction in the payback period from 4.1 years to 3.5 years on a pre-tax basis;
  • Production of high-grade lithium sulphate (Li2SO4) eluate at a concentration of 3,238 mg/L Li (3.24 g/L Li);
  • Lower cost and commercially available reagents used in the cDLE® process;
  • Majority of acid is recovered in the downstream processing and reused in the elution stage; and
  • Reduction in freshwater usage using the G2L cDLE®.

The future of G2L

The future of G2L appears promising as it continues to innovate within the lithium extraction industry. With its continuous counter-current processing technology, G2L stands at the forefront of maximising lithium recovery while minimising environmental impact. As the demand for lithium continues to surge in tandem with the global shift towards renewable energy and electrification, G2L’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency positions it as a key player in meeting these evolving needs.

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