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About Us

Go2Lithium brings together world leading technology to dramatically improve your project’s financial and ESG credentials.

The Problem

Lithium demand has increased significantly primarily due to electric vehicle growth, and hundreds of new lithium projects are required to meet this demand.

Lithium is produced from two main sources, salar brines and hard rock, and both of these approaches have substantial disadvantages:

  • High fresh water consumption
  • Long production times
  • High land use
  • Tonnes of waste production
  • High energy consumption
  • High CO2 emissions

The Solution

DLE lithium brines have the potential to significantly increase the supply of lithium.

G2L has world leading technology to dramatically improve the financial and ESG credentials of lithium brine projects.

Advanced resource mapping capabilities also allow us to identify and option the most suitable resources and reserves for DLE (direct lithium extraction) processes.

Proprietary cDLE® (continuous direct lithium extraction) technology is especially relevant to unlocking value in low lithium concentration brines.

Business Model

G2L designs and builds end-to-end cDLE® and impurity removal technology solutions.

G2L offers an unique opportunity to maximise the value of low lithium brine assets.

G2L opens up new pathways to build the lithium supply chain.

G2L partners with asset owners and global engineering firms to deliver outstanding outcomes.

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