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cDLE® Technology

(Continuous Direct Lithium Extraction)

Go2Lithium’s cDLE® (continuous direct lithium extraction) technology provides the highest lithium recovery with the lowest chemical input costs of all the DLE variants.


Direct lithium extraction (DLE) provides numerous advantages over brine evaporation and hard rock mining methods:

  • Higher lithium recovery
  • Shorter production times, hours instead of years
  • Limited freshwater loss
  • No enormous evaporation ponds or land impact from rock mining
  • 50% less energy consumption
  • 50% lower carbon emissions

Superior Processing

Our cDLE® technology provides the:

  • Highest lithium recovery
  • Lowest chemical input cost
  • Highest lithium eluate concentration
  • Fastest speed to production

The cDLE® Process

Proven Technology

Our proprietary cDLE® process has been adapted from extensive experience in continuous ion exchange as it relates to other metal recovery applications in the mining industry.

The continuous ion exchange process has been proven on commercial scale for uranium, tungsten and gold extraction and at demonstration scale for nickel, cobalt and scandium.

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