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Commercial Readiness

Go2Lithium’s pilot and demonstration plants are operational and we are currently evaluating opportunities with asset owners.

DLE Brines

Brines with low lithium concentrations have traditionally been seen as uneconomic.

The cDLE® process using lithium specific ion exchange resins, in a continuous countercurrent process, have broken that paradigm.

Many brines in Canada and USA have lithium contents in the 50 – 100 mg/L range, and with millions of tons of contained lithium. These brines are now available for economic extraction using cDLE®.

Test Results

Our cDLE® technology has been tested on several North American brines with a lithium concentration in the range of 50 – 80 mg/L.

Lithium Recovered
Eluate Li Concentration

Pilot Plants

Our pilot and demonstration plants are available and operationally ready for deployment.

From bench top units treating 1 to 2L per hour, to automated demonstration plant capable of treating 200 to 500L per hour, we have the capability of turning the asset into a highly valued production facility.

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